California Adventure

Starts from $900.00

Want an extended tour to venture outside of San Francisco and explore other areas of California and Las Vegas in luxurious style? Our exclusive California Adventure package is for you. A full-service concierge style experience that includes trip planning, hotel costs, restaurant recommendations/reservations and much more. Our extended tours are available for up to 14 days.

Our fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are top of the line touring vehicles and offer state of the art amenities for those that want to travel in style. The vehicles seat up to 11 guests and offer plush interiors for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment.

The exciting cities, vibrant nightlife, sunny beaches, exhilarating amusement parks and awe-inspiring outdoor attractions make California one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

From the Golden Gate Bridge to Hollywood and Disneyland, The Strip in Las Vegas and the world renown national parks are just the beginning of what is in store for travelers at these fascinating destinations.

Travel Destinations

1) San Francisco 

Most would agree that San Francisco is one of the most amazing cities in the world and should be on everyone's bucket list.  Even a leisurely drive through the eclectic neighborhoods of the city are sure to entertain.  The Golden Gate Bridge is the ultimate destination within the City that has a way of invigorating the soul when you drive beneath its majestic towers which seem to reach out and embrace sojourners from near and far as they travel through its foggy portal.

The white-capped ocean waters sparkle with a deep aquamarine color and can be seen from throughout this magnificent city. Whether you catch a peek through the downtown high rises in the financial district or get a full panoramic view from Nob Hill, Pier 39 or Baker beach, Mt. Tam and more, visitors will be amazed at the different vantage points with spectacular views and attractions that the city has to offer.

2) Yosemite National Park 

Located in Northern California lies one of the United States most visited national parks, Yosemite.  The giant sequoias tower over the Valley carved by glaciers during the ice age.  The sheer granite walls with cascading waterfalls seem to rise high into the heavens and entice rock climbers from around the world. The panoramic views from the valley floor and the fresh gentle breezes that flow through will caress your skin and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit as you take in its natural beauty. Absorb yourself in the rich history that Yosemite has to offer and learn more about its original inhabitants, the Miwok tribe.

3) Muir Woods 

Just a short drive over the Golden Gate Bridge you'll find one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world.  Muir woods is home to some of the largest redwood trees in the world and one of the few remaining forests on the planet that date back to the Jurassic dinosaur period. As you stroll along the winding trails under the soft green canopies each step seems to take you back in time to a place of solitude and peaceful tranquility.  Muir woods is a must-see and would pair nicely with a Sausalito tour on the same day.

4) Monterey

1.2 million, that's the number of gallons of water in only one of the many tanks at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Home to 35,000 animals spanning over 550 species, the aquarium is sure to please young and old.  Take a stroll down Cannery Row and enjoy the fresh-caught Honey Harissa King Salmon or Shrimp & Scallop Patagonia at the Chart House with a fine glass of wine.

5) Carmel

Carmel By The Sea offers something for everyone.  Shopping, upscale eateries & delightful bistros await those with even the most discriminating tastes. Il Fornaio restaurant is surely one of the most elegant restaurants in town, their Capellini Al Pomodoro is divine and all of their pasta is freshly made on-site.

6) Big Sur

Big Sur is one of the worlds greatest natural wonders. It's cascading waterfalls and beautiful vistas are unparalleled. Hiking trails take you through forests, beaches, and remote campsites.

7) Hollywood  

Home to the U.S. film industry, Hollywood is world renowned and is one of the most exciting places to visit for young and old.  The Chinese Theatre, Crossroads of the World, House of Illusions, El Capitan and the Walk of Fame are some of the many popular attractions. The nightlife in Hollywood is sure to impress.  Want to unwind after a long day of sightseeing? Try Boardner's, a 70-year-old Hollywood classic with a trendy vintage vibe.  Luxurious surroundings with an art deco bar, dance floor & patio. Rumor has it that many of the famous comedians frequent the club.  The Hollywood Bowl is one of the best places to see an outdoor concert. Their famous headliners draw millions of people annually.  You can bring your own food and wine and watch the stars on the stage under the stars in the sky. Any visit to Hollywood should include a visit to Universal Studios. It is one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood film studios still in use and offers exhilarating amusement rides, tours and a host of other exciting attractions.